Social Media Services


The purpose of a social media audit is to give you a better understanding of where you are currently - your strengths and weaknesses - and to make a solid strategy for the future. I’ll gather information and collaborate with you to create a new strategy with objectives and goals. Taking a closer look at the numbers will allow you to more clearly see what content is the most effective, where you may be wasting your time + resources, and where you can be inspired to invest more/less of your time. Whether it’s growing your followers on a certain channel, boosting engagement or building deeper connections, we’ll walk away from the audit with the data we need to reach your new goals with the right tools.




You’ll publish the posts and I’ll get working behind the scenes to interact with your audience to boost engagement, build deeper connections, and reach new followers. If you need support to kick off an event or launch, to intentionally stay connected with your followers, or to increase account growth during a specific time period, this package is designed with you in mind!



Full-Service Management

We’ll work together to create a social media strategy that authentically communicates who you are and fits your personality + goals. Don’t worry about developing and managing a social strategy that builds real connections all on your own - I got this. I’ll create meaningful posts, interact with your community and build connections that grow your brand in an authentic way. Social media is a powerful platform to connect and engage with your audience, communicate about your brand and launch products - let’s collaborate to use it well!



Pinterest management

Pinterest is one of the largest website traffic drivers in the world. It helps to think of Pinterest as a big, visual search engine people turn to for research and for inspiration. As a business, it’s tool that can introduce your brand and blog to a whole new audience.

Here are a few more benefits:

  • Discover what your audience loves

  • Increase user engagement

  • Convert browsers into buyers

  • Drive traffic to your website

You may be thinking… “I don't have the time to invest in growing my Pinterest profile,” “My Pinterest account is a mess,” “I don’t have a clear strategy behind what I’m pinning and don’t even know where to start.” That’s where I come in.

Here’s how I can help:

  • Strategy I’ll create and implement a strategy based on your ideal clients, brand vision and goals.

  • Graphics I’ll design board covers and pin templates for your blog posts or products, to increase brand awareness and consistency. Your content stands out from the rest and people will want to repin your content because it looks good in their feeds also. Optional: Routinely create pinnable images for new posts and products, update the image(s) in that post with alt text and links, and share to Pinterest.

  • Growth I’ll revamp your Pinterest profile to engage your ideal client, grow your reach and increase traffic to your website. I will 1. Write a compelling bio authentically shares who you are, 2. Recommend boards your should have on your profile and group boards you can join in your niche, 3. Share new pins along with re-pin old posts and share on group boards. More people will see, click, and repin your content - which leads to even more website traffic.

  • Analytics You’ll receive a monthly analytics report including: your follower counts, profile performance (monthly views and engagement), your pins’ performance. This report will help you better know your audiences’ interests and identify what content you can begin creating.